The PFS-WM WedgeType™ Flow Meter excels where others fail, accurately measuring highly viscous, rough or solids-bearing fluids and slurries, as well as gas or steam. This meter is even ideal for asphalt, tar-sands, or industrial use.

Giving +/- 0.50 % accuracy and +/- 0.20% repeatability while measuring thick abrasive slurries, gas-infused liquids, or steam is a breakthrough feat of engineering, and PFS-WM WedgeType™ Flow Meter excels with these difficult-to-meter fluids. The system is a differential-pressure meter, consisting of a cylinder with a wedge in it, constricting the flow between sensors. It accurately handles relatively low Reynolds numbers, and its discharge coefficient is stable through the operation range; coupled with PFS secondary instrumentation, it provides the most durable, accurate and reliable metering solution for a huge range of media.


  • Accuracy: +/- 0.5% over calibrated range
  • Repeatability: +/- 0.2%
  • Line Fluid Types: Gas or Liquid, including dirty, contaminated or slurry
  • Line size: Range is unlimited, with installations from 0.5” to 24” in service
  • End Arrangement:
    • Flange ends – PFS-WMF
    • Threaded ends – PFS-WMT
    • Weld ends – PFS-WMV
    • Plain, mechanical joint, or other ends available as required
  • Body material: virtually any machineable or wieldable material, including carbon steel, 316 or 304 Stainless steel, hastelloy, PVC (for chlorine), or others on request


wedgetype 3 20 inch

20.0 Inch WedgeTypeTM Flow Meter

wedgetype 4 12 inch

12.0 Inch WedgeTypeTM Flow Meter