Wedge flow metering is designed for highly viscous, slurry type, or contaminated line fluid applications, including difficult-to-meter, air entrained liquids, as well as particulate entrained, high viscosity, or slurry solutions. Examples of these applications include: raw sewage, sludge, tar sands, pulp mash, cement, liquid asphalt, and molten sulfur.

Our PFS WedgeType™ flow meters are on the leading edge in terms of quality, accuracy, reliability, and value. Primary Flow Signal can provide expert technical assistance estimating bore size, differentials, and flow rates for economically-priced units to fit your needs.

If you have particular requirements that do not appear in our standard offerings, we will gladly design and manufacture to your specific needs in our vertically-integrated facilities.


 wedgetype 1 6 inch

6.0 Inch WedgeTypeTM Flow Meter

wedgetype 2 6 inch

6.0 Inch WedgeTypeTM Flow Meter