The PFS PTC-6 ASME Flow Nozzle provides the high precision needed for the testing of steam turbines under ASME PTC-6 1996 Performance Test Code.  As experts in flow metering and steam applications, PFS provides an unmatched combination of accuracy, reliability and value.

Testing steam turbines requires flow nozzles that meet the ASME PTC-6 1996 Performance Test Code. PFS provides its PTC-6 ASME Flow Nozzle with flow conditioners for added accuracy, and diffuser cones to reduce downstream pressure loss, and also provides weld-in PTC6-NZWI and flanged-end PTC6-NZFT style nozzles. Both styles are equipped with four integrally machined throat pressure taps, and precision-machined and polished for a cylindrical hydraulically smooth surface.


  • Diffuser Cone: Reduce pressure loss by up to 70% with diffuser nozzles, available either separate or coupled to the nozzle
  • Flow Conditioner: Available as either a fifty-tube bundle or a code-preferred perforated plate, which has been shown to remove distortion and swirl from upstream flow
  • Inspection Port: Recommended on weld-in nozzles, with a removable, contoured pin-oriented plug
  • Nozzle Securement: Available in weld-in PTC6-NZWI and flanged-end PTC6-NZFT style nozzles
  • Line Sizes: Available from 4” to 24”


ptc6 single

PTC-6 Flow Element

ptc6 single2

PTC-6 Flow Nozzle