Our PTC-6 flow elements are intended to be the primary flow measurement device for steam turbine acceptance tests, and are specifically designed and manufactured to meet the requirements of ASME PTC-6, 1996 Performance Test Code for Steam Turbines.

PTC 6 Flow Elements come with industry-leading features including:

  • The nozzle is available in two (2) styles: flanged and weld-in, equipped with four integrally machined, equally spaced throat pressure taps. The interior surface of the nozzle is precision machined for cylindricality and a hydraulically-smooth surface.
  • The flow conditioner may be either 50-tube bundle style or the code-preferred perforated plate. This style of plate has been shown to be able to remove both swirl and distortion from the upstream flow.
  • For weld-in flow nozzles, a code-recommended inspection port with a removable, contoured pin oriented plug is available.


ptc-6 1

PTC-6 Flow Element

ptc6 multiple

PTC-6 Flow Elements