High quality, proven materials ensure oil retrieval is thoroughly monitored 

Cranston, RI, USA, May 29, 2013Primary Flow Signal (PFS), the leading designer and manufacturer of innovative, durable, and accurate flow-metering solutions for oil & gas, water/wastewater, and industrial applications, is now offering its offshore drilling application products that provide exact flow measurement in harsh, challenging conditions.

In both environmental and business profitability perspectives, accurate measurement and monitoring are of paramount importance. Ensuring that companies demonstrate documentation regarding the amount of gas/oil recovered keeps them in in accordance with environmental regulations at all times, while also notifying engineers of any problems, such as fluid leaks or casing cracks. It is also critical that the measurement be verifiable so engineers know exactly how much liquid by-product or mud is being created and therefore dispersed.

PFS’s manufacturing engineers have been fully trained and certified on the latest cladding techniques, enabling the company to add cladding materials to harden its line of flow meters that are designed for highly abrasive oil sand, slurry, concrete materials, and mining process applications. With a complete range of hard surface materials available, the life span for a clad meter is significantly extended, improving the performance of the meter and value to the end user.

Primary Flow Signal’s differential Venturi flow meters and WedgeType™ meters provide reliability and comprehensive readings in harsh environments, with an accuracy of +/- 0.25% of actual rate of flow independently lab calibrated in the case of the Venturi products, and +/-0.5% of actual rate of flow in the case of the wedge-type products. Combined with sealed pressure sensors, multi-variable differential pressure transmitters, and in-place transmitter calibration options for meter installation; offshore drillers can benefit from significant cost savings, high accuracy, and long-term durability.

“Offshore operators are subject to strict federal regulations, which require documentation to determine their environmental impact and confirm compliance,” said Bruce Briggs, President of Primary Flow Signal. “Our field-proven technologies, such as our Venturi and WedgeType™ meters, are providing accurate flow measurement to offshore drilling applications throughout North America to alleviate regulatory issues, and provide verifiable measurement. By cladding the interior profile, the meter is protected from abrasive elements, extending the accuracy and reliability of our meters.”

PFS’s metering solutions are designed and manufactured in the United States by the industry’s largest team of specialized hydraulic engineers, backed by extensive laboratory and field testing, ISO 9001-2008 certification, and efficient vertically-integrated facilities. PFS’s products, including differential producing Venturi, WedgeType™, orifice plates, and PTC-6 primary flow elements, deliver a level of differential metering accuracy, reliability, and versatility, coupled with unparalleled engineering support, simply not available from other metering solutions.


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