Enhances sales and marketing services for oil and gas applications in the region

PFS Technologies, a global supplier of flow measurement technologies and fire suppression systems, today announces the opening of its Dubai headquarters and the appointment of key management.

PFS Technologies will offer customers throughout the Middle East and Africa the world’s most accurate and field proven oil and gas flow meters and monitors, as well as advanced compressed air foam (CAF) fire suppression solutions. Supported by a knowledgeable team with decades of experience in their respective technologies, PFS Technologies will be able to combine applications expertise, deep technological knowledge, and expedient delivery of product to meet the high expectations and demands of its customers.

“PFS Technologies was formed to fulfill a recognized need in the Middle East for more accurate, highly reliable, and third-party validated technologies required by the region’s oil and gas producers,” stated Bruce Briggs, President of PFS Technologies. “The competitive global market for oil and gas is forcing our customers to pay more attention to the efficiency of their resource recovery efforts from the drill site to the point of custody transfer. At the same time, they are seeking fail-proof systems to protect their facilities and workers from the ever-present danger of fire at these facilities.”

PFS Technologies has partnered with world-renowned providers of flow measurement and fire suppression solutions to help serve the Middle Eastern market, including:
•    Primary Flow Signal, the leading designer and manufacturer of innovative, durable, and accurate flow-metering solutions, including Venturi, WedgeType, and orifice flow elements widely used in water and hydrocarbon industries.
•    Turbines, Inc., a leading designer and manufacturer of full port turbine flow meters and related instrumentation for oil and gas, cryogenic, and flow monitoring applications.
•    ACAF® Systems-PFS Fire Suppression Group, LLC., the leading manufacturer of FM Approved, compressed air foam-based fire suppression systems for use in oil and gas, petrochemical, steel, aviation, marine, transportation, military, mining, and manufacturing applications.

PFS Technologies will be under the direction of Nanda Kumar – a highly experienced executive specializing in the sales and marketing of oil and gas products in the region. Prior to joining PFS Technologies, Mr. Kumar served as the Regional Sales Manager for the Middle East at FMC Technologies. His previous positions include regional business development roles in the Middle East and Africa for McCrometer and Dressor, Inc. As a senior member of ISA and a member of other technical forums, Mr. Kumar has been active in the measurement and control fraternities for more than two decades in the region.

“We are pleased to welcome Nanda Kumar as Managing Director of PFS Technologies,” continued Bruce Briggs, President of PFS Technologies. “Nanda’s experience, relationships, and leadership skills will help guide our international sales strategy as we continue to expand our customer base in the region.”

“I am proud to join PFS Technologies to enhance the sales and marketing of proven, accurate, and reliable meters, monitors, and fire suppression systems in the Middle East,” said Mr. Kumar. “I look forward to further introducing and supporting PFS Technologies’ industry-leading offerings as we bridge the stringent requirements of customers in the MEA with best-in-class solutions from companies with a local presence in the region.”


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