PFS Venturi flow meters can help drive increased motor vehicle efficiency and environmental friendliness.

Automotive and truck engines are required to incorporate an emissions-control system called EGR in order to reduce their output of NOx.  The ongoing development of these devices aims to reduce or eliminate their impact on engine performance – particularly in turbo-charged diesel engines. Venturis have been found to be key in enabling EGR systems to reduce pollutant output without impacting engine efficiency, and as the most experienced Venturi producer, PFS can provide the best technology for this critical, harsh environment metering application.

Venturis are also integral to the air meters of fuel injection systems, as well as in replacement carburetors.

PFS Orifice plate meters are also used throughout the fuel systems of engines of all types, from rail, to marine, to airplane engine applications.

With decades of experience designing, testing, and manufacturing flow meters for a wide variety of applications and tolerances, PFS provides field-proven industrial flow meters to fit any requirements. We offer adaptable and innovative designs, and vertically integrated planning and manufacture, all supported by the industry's largest team of specialized flow meter engineers. Our products are available in a variety of sizes and materials and can handle gases, chemicals, and tar sands, providing a long service life even in corrosive and harsh, high-temperature environments.

Our unparalleled metering products for industrial applications include:

  • HVT-FV Fabricated Venturi – engineered to be a highly rugged meter with +/-0.25% accuracy (lab calibrated) performance even in extreme temperatures, pressures, and irregular or abrasive line flows
  • HVT-FI Insert-Type Flow Meter and HVT-PI Fiberglass Insert-Type Flow Meter – designed for water, aeration, and gas applications, with +/- 0.50% accuracy (bench calibrated) or +/- 0.25% accuracy (flow calibrated)
  • WedgeType™ – suited for highly viscous, slurry type, or contaminated line fluid applications, with +/- 0.50% accuracy and +/- 0.20% repeatability
  • Orifice – configured for measuring clean liquids, gases, and low-velocity steam, for applications with diverse existing piping schemes

PFS hydraulic engineers will assess the needs of your system and customize a solution, and we will manufacture, install, and service the stock or custom units that best fit your needs. On-site assembly or rare materials can be accommodated. We also service old systems in need of high-level refurbishing or mercury clean-up.

Primary Flow Signal’s growing family of wholly-owned regional distribution and sales facilities has aggressively penetrated the oil and gas exploration and production market with its line of turbine flow meters, orifice plates, PFS WedgetypeTM flow meters, and HVT Venturis as well as classical Venturis, electronics, and monitors. 

We support both the rapidly growing domestic market and global market.

  • As the industry expands and changes, our diverse products will be ideally suited for gases, all manner of liquids including water (such as fracking), and tar sands
  • We select the technologies that we manufacture based upon accuracy, reliability, and durability of the products, and fully substantiate performance claims with certified calibration results
  • Our experts are skilled with standard and exotic materials, and use computerized metrology for quality assurance and consistency

Specific primary flow elements of use for oil and gas industry include:

  • WedgetypeTM meters: designed for highly viscous, contaminated or abrasive fluids including tar-sands
  • HVT Venturi primaries: from 1.0 inch to 180 inch, suited for gas, liquid or steam, and available in a wide variety of end arrangements, materials and secondary instrumentation packages
  • Orifice plates: suited for the gas industry and available in a variety of materials and dimensions
  • A selection of secondary instrumentation available through partnerships with leading electronics manufacturers, providing one-stop shopping for metering needs

All flow primaries and mechanical accessories are manufactured in the United States and Canada under tight engineering and quality assurance standards in ISO 9001-certified, vertically integrated manufacturing plants.

Our accurate, versatile, and rugged flow meters and nozzles are ideal for power generation, including:

Classical Venturi PFS-CV
for applications requiring line sizes from 1.0” through 180”

  • High accuracy and reliability
  • Low permanent pressure loss
  • Custom designed for specific applications

Halmi Venturi HVT-FV for applications requiring line size from 1.0” through 180”

  • Highest accuracy and reliability
  • Long service life (up to 15 year warranty)
  • Low permanent pressure loss
  • Low installed cost
  • Custom designed for specific application

power gen 1 - 24 inch - hvt-fv

ASME flow nozzles PFS-FN FV for applications requiring line sizes from 2” through 25”

  • Fit for high velocities and extreme environments
  • Other materials are available for extreme temperatures and corrosive service

ASME flow nozzle PTC-6
Test sections consist of a low-Beta series ASME throat-tap flow nozzle that is installed in a section of pipe approximately 30 diameters long. The upstream section of pipe, which is approximately 20 diameters long, is carefully honed on the inside to insure cylindricality/finish for a minimum of four pipe diameters upstream of the nozzle. The downstream section of pipe is approximately 10 pipe diameters long. A flow conditioner is built into the upstream pipe section at a distance of approximately 16 pipe diameters upstream of the flow nozzle.

Primary Flow Signal is a global leader in municipal water and wastewater flow measurement.

PFS is the leading source in the United States for Venturi-type primary flow elements, with tens of thousands of successful installations nationwide and a substantial and growing volume throughout the world. Our patented Halmi Venturi-type primary flow technology continues to evolve and to lead the water industry, with advanced materials, special inserts, and innovative metering systems.

  • Patented PFS-Sealed Metering SystemTM (SM): enables accurate and reliable flow measurement of solids-bearing liquids for sewage as well as other contaminated line fluids. Our engineering is backed by extensive lab and field testing, and is the benchmark in this area, surpassing our competitors in performance and reliability.
  • Standard insert-type HVT primary flow elements are ideal for water applications and are intrinsically less expensive than cast or fabricated vessels. Available materials include: stainless steel, carbon and fiberglass reinforced plastic.
  • HVT-FV fabricated primary flow element: available in special materials, line sizes and beta ratios, from 3/4 inch to 180 inch.
  • HVT-PI Halmi Venturi meter plastic insert: specifically designed for water reuse applications.
  • We also design and manufacture cast-in-place rectangular HVT primary flow elements for municipalities.
  • Additionally, we offer a number of patented open-channel flow devices for the water and wastewater fields.


oil and gas 1 - 96 inch

96.0 Inch HVT Meter - Hydro Ready

oil and gas 2 - 6 inch - stainless steel digester gas meter

6.0 Inch Stainless Steel Digester Gas Meter